Soothing Gift Set Soothing Gift Set Soothing Gift Set Soothing Gift Set Soothing Gift Set

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Soothing Gift Set

Part of our Naturals Collection, the Soothing Gift Set contains four 1.5” x 1” candles with a cooling aroma and a brown ceramic candle holder on which to display them. The candles’ fragrance will rush over you and take away the stings of life, while their colors, varying shades of blue and green, provide visual excitement. The Soothing scent includes strong notes of Eucalyptus, Lemon Leaves and Cooling Method, which will transport you and your senses to a peaceful environment and leave you with a sense of clarity.

These candles and candle holder, packaged in an easy-to-present box, are the perfect way to celebrate those special to you on their birthdays, at the holidays or as memorable “just because” gifts. The set serves as a beautiful accent piece and adds a cool scent to the room when lit. Treat someone you know with this soothing gift…or indulge yourself!

Style: #NAT99302
Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00


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