Soothing 3x6 Pillar Soothing 3x6 Pillar Soothing 3x6 Pillar Soothing 3x6 Pillar Soothing 3x6 Pillar

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Soothing 3x6 Pillar

Part of our Naturals Collection, the Soothing 3” x 6” pillar candle offers a cooling aroma and beautiful color palette. Its fragrance will rush over you and take away the stings of life, while its varying shades of blue and green provide visual excitement. A highly detailed blue leaf and several “berries” adorn the candle from a cord tied around it to add decorative charm. The Soothing scent includes strong notes of Eucalyptus, Lemon Leaves and Cooling Method, which will transport you and your senses to a peaceful environment and leave you with a sense of clarity.

This pillar candle will make a welcome addition to any home, serving as a beautiful accent piece and adding a cool scent to the room when lit. Purchase this soothing candle for yourself or treat someone you know with this very special gift.

Style: #NAT1446
Price: $12.99
Price: $12.99


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