M&M Nutty Lemon 9oz M&M Nutty Lemon 9oz M&M Nutty Lemon 9oz M&M Nutty Lemon 9oz M&M Nutty Lemon 9oz

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M&M Nutty Lemon 9oz

  • “Nutty Lemon” Scent
  • 3” Wide x 7” Tall
  • 9 oz.

M&M’s chocolate candies, the candy that melts in your mouth…not in your hand, are the inspiration for our whimsical M&M’s Candle Collection. The first thing you’ll notice about the Yellow M&M Topper Jar is its expressive yellow peanut M&M, complete with gloves and shoes, that doubles as a cheerful design element and “handle” to remove the glass top. The sunny yellow candle features the Nutty Lemon scent, which combines the intoxicating aroma of Sugared Citron, Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Lemon Juice and Fruity Floral Muguet with hints of Granulated Sugar, Lemon Essence, and Vanilla.

Any chocolate lover, or fan of the “living M&M’s,” will be thrilled to own this unique Topper Jar. It ramps up the fun component in any room merely by its presence, and when the candle is lit, you’ll enjoy the lemony, nutty scent without guilt…since these M&Ms are non-caloric!

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Price: $13.00


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