Cage Keyring Holder – Cat Cage Keyring Holder – Cat Cage Keyring Holder – Cat Cage Keyring Holder – Cat Cage Keyring Holder – Cat

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Cage Keyring Holder – Cat

  • 8” Tall x 5.5” Wide
  • Holds Keyrings and Photos
  • Handcrafted Steel Construction

You won’t find another cat that will be so helpful! This Cat Cage Keyring Holder, featuring an artistic birdcage design, is multi-functional; it holds keyrings and your favorite photos—and serves as a charming metal wall accent at the same time. You’ll be smitten when you see this bronze-colored cat’s cheerful face, complete with pointy ears, beady eyes and long whiskers. Two paws finish off the delightful feline design.

Your Cat Cage Keyring Holder is something you can rely on for many years due to its handcrafted steel construction. This is conversation piece that also serves a purpose—a unique combination. Whether it’s used as a keyring holder, as a place to display photos, as both or even as neither (focusing solely on its whimsical beauty), this cat will be a welcome addition to any home—and you’ll never need a litter box for it!

Style: #DFA2182
Price: $14.99
Price: $14.99


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