“Gator” Figurine Fan “Gator” Figurine Fan “Gator” Figurine Fan “Gator” Figurine Fan “Gator” Figurine Fan

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“Gator” Figurine Fan

  • 2 Speed Motor
  • 14" Tall x 11" Wide
  • No Assembly Required

Meet Gator! With his snaggle-toothed snout and scaly green skin, this rakish reptile brings some fierce style to the table. Don’t worry, though—the only thing this Alligator will wrestle is the heat, when you flip the switch and turn on that powerful dual speed fan. Designed and handcrafted out of steel by talented artisans, our Alligator figurine fan is built to be the first word in alligator décor and the last word in cool.

Leave Alligator basking in the sun on your windowsill, desk, countertop or coffee table… where ever you put him, he’s sure to be a conversation starter—and that’s no croc!

Style: #DBF0331
Price: $85.00
Price: $85.00


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