Figurine Cat Fan Figurine Cat Fan Figurine Cat Fan Figurine Cat Fan Figurine Cat Fan

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Figurine Cat Fan

  • 2 Speed Motor
  • 17.5" Tall x 10.5" Wide
  • No Assembly Required

Check out the attitude on our swanky and statuesque Cat fan! This classy kitty exudes just the right amount of cool, assisted by a two speed fan that really brings on the breeze. Our decorative cat fan makes just the right impression with her bemused expression, whimsical whiskers, pearly paws and pert tail. The burnished silver steel gives her a sleek, chic vibe, just purrr-fect for any room where you want to add a touch of feline home décor.

If Cat could talk, instead of meow this fanciful feline would definitely say style! If there’s a cat fanatic in your life, this decorative cat fan might be just the thing to make her purr…

Style: #DBF0358
Price: $79.99
Price: $79.99


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