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Breathe deep and enjoy the soul-centering fragrances of DecoFLAIR's aromatherapy candle collection. These pillar candles will not only accentuate the romantic, relaxing ambiance of your home with soothing color-palettes and delicate firelight, they'll engage your senses as their floral and herbal infused scents float to every corner of the house. At DecoFLAIR, you don't have to choose between calmness, serenity, balance, relaxation, purity, harmony, or tranquility, because you'll find all of them here—in the form of our elegantly crafted candles.

At the end of a stressful day on the job or taking care of the kids, there's no better way to start the night than with the comforting flicker of an aromatherapy candle, a good book, and your feet up. Inhale the calming and healing fragrances of your choice—eucalyptus, jasmine, vanilla, citrus, berries, and more—and exhale any tension or negativity the day as left you with. Our harmony candles are available in a variety of styles, including pillar, brick, or rope, with convenient gift boxes of any fragrance also ready for purchase. With natural color palettes in soothing cool and rejuvenating warm schemes, you're bound to find a candle you'll love to come home to. Learn more about our collection at DecoFLAIR today!